SQM’s unique employee exit survey service allows you to better understand the real reasons why your employees leave your contact center and what you can do to reduce employee turnover and improve customer satisfaction.

For many contact centers, customer service representative (CSR) turnover is the main contributor to low first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (Csat) and high operating cost. More importantly, high CSR turnover creates high customer complaints and defections to your competitors. Clearly, CSR turnover is intensely damaging to the ability of the organization to truly serve the customer and to protect customers from defecting. Employee exit conversations do not accurately provide the true reasons for an employee’s decision to leave the organization. The only way to obtain valuable and usable information is to conduct formal employee exit surveys through a confidential third-party. In this way, not only does the employee feel confident in “opening up” with their true reasons for leaving, but you also receive insightful reporting along with benchmarking capability.

Why use SQM’s Employee Exit Survey Program

Do you know…

  • the true reasons why CSRs and supervisors are leaving the contact center or the organization?
  • what areas are the most important to improve?
  • how satisfied the exiting employees are?
  • where the exiting employees are going?
  • how your employee turnover (internal/external) compares to other contact centers?
  • how your employee turnover is impacting operating cost, FCR, Csat and customer retention?

If you don’t have quality answers to these questions, let the experts at SQM Group assist you in conducting employee exit surveys.

Benefits of using SQM’s Employee Exit Survey Program

Getting a good handle on the true causes of employee turnover will give you the following payback:

  • Improved FCR and Csat through the retention of knowledgeable employees
  • Lower cost for recruitment
  • Lower cost for training
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater internal career opportunities
  • Greater employee engagement

Employee Exit Survey Program Methodology

The methodology is straightforward:

  • The Employee Exit survey is a standardized contact center specific industry survey designed for CSRs and supervisors who leave voluntarily
  • The survey is reviewed and approved by the client and questions can be added or deleted
  • Details on the organization’s structure such as site locations, queues, etc. are collected in order to tailor how the data is reported out
  • When an employee resigns, your HR / contact center staff will schedule a time for the employee to complete the Employee Exit survey
  • SQM will provide a single user name and password for your organization’s use. If this is forgotten, a quick phone call / email to our contact center will be all it takes to get the details
  • The employee logs into the SQM website and completes the on-line survey which will take no longer than 45 minutes
  • Data is collected by SQM and kept confidential with trending information and non-identifying feedback given to management
  • On either a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, SQM will produce Employee Exit survey reports
  • SQM account managers will present the data to the management team and work with the team to interpret the data to produce meaningful and actionable action plans

Employee Exit Survey Program Report Deliverables

Data will be reported according to contact center site, queue, job position etc., depending on the statistical validity of the sample collected.

Specifically, SQM’s Employee Exit Survey Program gives you:

  • 75 metrics collected from employees who leave your organization on a voluntary basis
  • Benchmarking comparison to leading North American contact centers
  • A statistical analysis of the drivers of employee turnover
  • Verbatim comments for every rating
  • Quantifiable information on where your employees are going
  • Key targeted opportunities to improve employee turnover
  • Best practices for reducing employee turnover

What’s Next

  1. Call SQM Group at (800) 446-2095 to talk about your objectives for the Employee Exit Survey Program.
  2. We will walk you through a sample report which will show you what you can expect from the Employee Exit Survey Program.