The SQM Way


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The SQM Way explains who we are as a company, what we believe, how we achieve results, and where we aspire to go in the future. It establishes a common understanding not only for our employees, but for all people who interact with us. The SQM Way has stood the test of time and is an integral part of our past, present, and future. It shows the path to continued and future success as we develop our company’s technology, people, and practices to help improve the lives of our own employees, our clients employees, and our clients customer experiences doing business with them.

Our Mission…

To help organizations improve their customer and employee experience performance – one individual at a time.

Our Values…

With customer and employee experience improvement as our focus, our core values are to:

  • Provide great customer experiences and satisfaction.
  • Foster adaptability, innovation, and risk-taking.
  • Promote creative and engaged ambassadors of change.
  • Cultivate friendliness, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Continuous improvement of practices.
  • Continually learn, develop, and prosper.
  • Be transparent, trustworthy, and respectful.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for achieving high-performance results.
  • Make a positive impact in our community and environment.
  • Reward employees who contribute to improving our clients’ customer experiences.

Our Employees…

At SQM, we are very proud of the fact that we have world class employee satisfaction with working at SQM. When we compare our employee satisfaction against leading North American organizations, we are in the top 5 percent.


Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking