Since 1996, Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group has been a leading North American voice of the customer experience research, consulting, and performance awarding firm. SQM’s primary purpose is to help organizations accurately measure, benchmark, and improve Customer Experience (CX) and to recognize organizations that have demonstrated CX excellence. SQM is viewed by the contact center industry as being the thought leader and the gold standard for measuring, benchmarking, and improving CX. SQM offers five customer surveying methods (i.e., phone, email, IVR, online and face-to-face) that provide valuable insights into CX. Over 70% of our tracking clients improve their CX year-over-year and, as a result, SQM enjoys a 95% client retention rate.

SQM’s research team includes doctorate level lead researchers, mathematicians, and computer science engineers. Specifically, SQM research analysts use the top 10 CX metrics such as first contact resolution, one contact resolution, contact resolution, contact channel Csat, customer emotion experience, omni-channel experience, seamless experience, enterprise wide Csat, Net Promoter Score® and net retention index to truly understand the CX and opportunities to improve CX. SQM clients tell us our ability to capture, analyze and report open-ended customer feedback to identify CX improvement opportunities is what SQM is better at than any research firm they have used. What makes SQM great at using open-ended customer feedback to identify CX improvement opportunities is our repeat contact failure reasons identification process.

We have two state-of-the-art CX research centers, with one located in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and the other in Vernon, British Columbia, to conduct professional perception and transaction CX surveys. Annually, SQM conducts 1.5 million surveys with customers who have used a call center, email, website, IVR or retail site contact channel. In addition, SQM conducts over 25,000 surveys yearly with employees who work in contact centers. SQM conducts all phone surveys using our own dedicated workforce. At SQM, we have world class employee satisfaction ratings for our Telephone Survey Representatives and very high employee retention.

SQM benchmarks over 500 leading international contact centers on an annual basis and we have been conducting CX benchmarking studies since 1996. SQM’s customer and employee contact center research database is one of the largest in North America. SQM does business in 15 countries around the globe including: Canada, United States, Argentina, Australia, India, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

SQM benchmarks and tracks all the major contact channels (i.e., website, call center, IVR, email and site). Our site contact channels include branch, retail store, dispatching and service work. By conducting contact channel benchmarking and tracking studies, organizations can get valuable insights into CX using these contact channels individually or using multiple contact channels, to get their order, inquiry or problem resolved. SQM is recognized as the contact center industry Voice of the Customer (VoC) gold standard expert for measuring and improving CX.

Our reporting is available in real time via our secure mySQM®™ web portal. Customer representatives and managers have direct and secure access to their reports and coaching logs. Your analysts have full access to over 60 CX pre-formatted reports which can be easily exported. Furthermore, your analysts can sort and search the data for ad hoc reporting. You can seamlessly integrate all contact channel VoC survey data into a common database to continuously report all your CX. Our technology capabilities also allow the integration of VoC survey and call quality assurance evaluation data. Raw data is also available in real time. Paper reports are provided as needed.

SQM provides consulting expertise to assist organizations in their CX improvement efforts. SQM can validate if your contact center practices are best practices. SQM’s best practices are based on our award-winning contact centers’ best practice standards. A best practice validation must have a positive impact on CX. Our understanding of people, process, and technology best practices for improving CX is unsurpassed in the contact center industry. SQM assists organizations in conducting CX journey mapping. The primary purpose of CX journey mapping is to conduct VoC survey research and in-depth interviews with customers to understand what they experience for each interaction and touchpoint key moments of truth and, most importantly, to discover CX improvement opportunities. SQM’s CX improvement cycle (e.g., identify, develop, check and act) assists in helping organizations to develop and execute a CX improvement plan.

SQM’s Awards Program is the most prestigious and sought after North American contact channel CX awards program. SQM awards organizations that have delivered CX excellence or have significantly improved their CX. Our CX awards are based on customers who have used a contact channel and/or employees who work in a contact center. These awards are considered to be the fairest and most credible CX awards because they are based on VoC survey ratings. We have recognized top performing organizations for CX since 1998. SQM evaluates leading North American organizations such as American Express, UPS, FedEx, Marriott, Sears, Canadian Tire, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Rogers, Capital One, CitiFinancial, Scotiabank, Discovercard and Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans.

SQM Group is an Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This means that SQM Group meets BBB accreditation standards, which focus on the commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.