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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Improving your customers’ experience will lead to increased revenue for your organization.

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Reduce Operating Costs

SQM helps you become the master of your CX domain.  By understanding the Voice of your Customer (VoC), you will understand your pain points and will be given tools and strategies to improve those areas. Fewer initial mistakes mean fewer ‘fixing dollars’. In technical terms, for every 1% increase in First Call Resolution (FCR) you reduce your operating costs by 1%. The potential savings are huge.
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Improve Customer Satisfaction

First Call Resolution (FCR) is critical to managing and improving customer satisfaction.  By benchmarking your company’s current effectiveness, SQM will offer insights and strategies on how to improve your FCR.  Of all the metrics used, FCR has the highest correlation to customer satisfaction.  For example, on average, each time a customer calls back to resolve their first call, their satisfaction drops 15%.  Therefore, if a customer calls back three times, their satisfaction will be 30% lower than a client who had their call resolved the first time around.
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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Empower your employees!  Enabled employees are happier employees and if FCR is the goal, the more tools your frontline team has at their disposal the more likely they’ll be able to resolve that first call.  For every 1% improvement in FCR, there is a 1-5% improvement in employee satisfaction.
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Identify Cross-selling Opportunities

When you clearly understand the Voice of your Customer (VoC) and see your benchmark assessment, you will know exactly where and when the opportunity for cross-selling will take place.  When frontline employees are empowered with the right tools to resolve customer issues, customers are more likely to accept add-on products or services by up to 20%.
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Reduce ‘at risk’ customers

For many contact centers, retaining customers represents the biggest opportunity to add true value to their organization.  Most companies do not have a clear picture of their business in this regard.  SQM has helped hundreds of clients understand this very issue and will help you tactically reduce your at-risk segment.

SQM Group’s industry leading expertise is derived from conducting approx. 1.5 million surveys annually for more than two decades.  SQM will crystalize your understanding of what your customers see and feel when engaging with your organization.  Register for the conference before Dec. 31, 2019 and receive additional promotions and discounts.