Special one-time offer

2016 World Class Certification
for CSRs and Supervisors

$150 per CSR is a special one-time offer that gives you:

  • World Class Certification eligibility for your CSRs with 25 IVR surveys per CSR completed over 3 months before the end of 2016
  • World Class Certification eligibility for your Supervisors rolled up from your CSR results
  • Opportunity to nominate your World Class CSRs for the CSR of the Year Award
  • Opportunity to nominate your World Class Supervisors for the Supervisor of the Year Award
  • Accountability to the customer for your CSRs, Supervisors and Management. World class certification relies on a per CSR survey method, which is a best practice for improving your customer experience
  • Real-time secure portal access to your results for 2 licensees, which includes a 2-hour training session
  • Real-time notification of customer Action Alerts, where the customer’s call is unresolved and they are dissatisfied with their contact center experience
  • A formal organization level report of about 60 pages which gives you a detailed analysis of how your contact center is performing with the following vital KPIs and analysis
    • FCR
    • OCR
    • Call Resolution
    • CSR Csat
    • FCR improvement analysis
    • OCR improvement analysis
  • A CSR report card for each of your CSRs
  • A breakdown report of your higher performing CSRs versus your lower performing CSRS
  • A 2-hour consulting overview of your results and the best practices to drive improvement

Note: $150 per CSR assumes 100 or more CSRs. Additional charges will apply if:

  1. The survey questions are edited from SQM’s standard survey.
  2. Only 50-99 CSRs are being certified, in which case the cost is $200 per CSR. If less than 50 CSRs are being certified, then a fixed cost of $3,000 will apply.

Also, this special one-time offer does not include organization-specific awards and benchmarking. To include industry benchmarking in the organization level report or to be eligible for SQM’s industry awards, 400 surveys are required using a live survey methodology. To be eligible for World Class Certification at the organization level, a total of 800 surveys completed using a live survey methodology is required.

Next steps:

To achieve certification for your CSRs and Supervisors in 2016, we need to get started right away. All surveying needs to be completed by December 31, 2016 for 2016 eligibility and has to start by October 1, 2016 at the latest.

Register to our webinar that overviews how it all works on September 8, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST

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