Since 1996, SQM has been a call center industry research firm VoC expert for improving organizations’ FCR, operating cost, customer service and retention. We have done this by being operationally excellent at benchmarking, tracking, consulting and recognizing our clients’ FCR and customer retention performance. Over 70% of our tracking clients improve their FCR and operating costs year over year. On an annual basis, SQM conducts over 1.5 million post-call surveys (over 450,000 phone surveys and over 550,000 outbound IVR surveys) with customers who have recently used a call center. SQM benchmarks over 500 leading North American call centers on an annual basis. We have our own research center which includes over 100 Telephone Survey Representatives. Our research analyst professionals have strong mathematic academic backgrounds. They also understand the call center industry and stay current with the best practices for capturing, analyzing and reporting VoC data and feedback. Tracking clients have access to their VoC data in real-time through our mySQM™ web portal or through their own mobile phone. Every client is assigned a senior account manager to assist them in managing and improving their VoC performance.