SQM measures all contact channels (i.e., contact center, website, email, IVR, site) with a focus on the customer`s FCR experience. SQM is recognized by the contact center industry as the research firm VoC expert for analyzing FCR, Csat and customer retention performance. Our research analyst professionals have strong mathematic academic backgrounds. They also understand the contact center industry and stay current with the best practices for capturing, analyzing and reporting VoC data and feedback.

Specifically, SQM research analysts use VoC metrics such as FCR, Csat and the Customer Protection – CP SCORE™ to truly understand how your contact channels impact the customer service experience, operating costs and the ability of the contact channels to retain customers. In addition, your contact center is benchmarked against over 500 leading North American contact centers.

Analytical Insights:

  • Benchmarking comparison to over 500 leading North American contact centers
  • Benchmarking comparison for all contact channels
  • Impact of customer using multiple contact channels to resolve their inquiry
  • Benchmarking comparison to peer group, contact center industry and world class contact centers
  • High level and detailed FCR and Csat ratings
  • Tracking KPI metrics such as FCR, Csat on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Customer Protection – CP SCORE™
  • Amount of revenue the contact channel protected and lost
  • Unresolved calls impact on operating costs
  • Top 5 repeat call reasons and their improvement opportunities for financial savings
  • Targeted opportunities for reducing repeat calls or contacts
  • Operational benchmarking data for over 45 metrics (e.g., AHT, speed of answer, labor cost, etc.)
  • In addition, our research analysts use a variety of research practices such as text analytics, predictive modeling, statistical correlation and testing to analyze your VoC data