Account Management

SQM has highly qualified research analyst and account manager professionals who are passionate and dedicated to managing your contact center research project and initiatives. SQM assigns a senior account manager to each tracking and benchmarking client to ensure that the VoC project needs are met. Each account manager is an advocate for our clients to ensure that all the necessary SQM resources are used to assist them with their VoC project. In addition, the senior manager will share best practices with their clients to help them improve their FCR, Csat and customer retention performance.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of the utmost importance in VoC research. All data entry, data analysis and report writing are checked for quality using a rigorous process. In addition, SQM uses a quality assurance team to ensure that our data capturing and online reporting practices, policies and technology meet the highest standards of quality.

SQM has many variance reports that it uses for managing the quality assurance of our surveying practices:

  • The Survey KPI Rating Variance Report – This report shows variances for KPI metrics such as FCR, Csat and calls resolved. Our variance tolerance standard is +/- 5%.
  • Calls Needed to Complete a Survey Variance Report – This report shows variances for the calls needed to complete a survey. Our standard is 25 phone numbers or less to complete a survey.
  • Survey QA Variance Report – We conduct 5 random QA evaluations per Telephone Survey Representative per month. The survey compliance accuracy of each Telephone Survey Representative is individually tracked and must comply with our minimum error rate of less than 1%.