SQM Group is in the forefront of voice of the customer (VoC) research for measuring and improving customer experience and satisfaction in the contact center industry. SQM Group is proud to announce an opportunity for organizations to be a part of a contact channel benchmarking survey. Be a part of this insightful and leading-edge research and gain valuable insights and comparisons of key operational strategies for improving customer experience, customer journey, contact channel execution and intelligence, workforce optimization, and tools and technology.

We invite senior executives and strategic contact channel leaders to join in this ground-breaking research and participate in a 1-2 hour survey, reviewing a series of strategic questions on your contact channel practices. Complete the survey with us to receive your free copy of the full SQM Contact Channel Strategy Report.

You will receive a complimentary, in depth report outlining the current state of the contact center industry including: contact channel usage, current strategies, and trends for the future of the contact center at completion of the research. This free report will allow you to compare your organization to this current benchmarking and provide insights into the outlook of contact channel strategies within the contact channel industry. As with the rest of SQMs operational research, responses will remain anonymous.

Questions in the Contact Channel Operational Benchmarking Survey cover key issues such as:

  • What customer contact channels do you offer and who owns them?
  • Is the contact channel volume increasing or decreasing?
  • What is your organization’s contact channel operational strategy and what are the implications for your customer service experience?
  • Do your employees know your contact channel operational strategy?
Example Reporting You Will Receive:
Call Detection Impact Ranking

From SQM’s perspective, very few organizations know what their customer’s experience when using a specific contact channel, or when using multiple contact channels, to resolve the same inquiry or problem. Even though there is a lot of confusion from an organization’s perspective about contact channel strategy and operating practice, many organizations are starting to implement an omni-channel strategy.

Omni-channel Strategy

Here’s the 4 W’s of the Contact Channel Strategy Report:

Senior executives and strategic contact channel leaders should participate

When you participate, this 1-2 hour survey includes questions that can trigger new strategic insights for you and your team, plus you get the full report FREE with a comparison on how your strategy benchmarks to the industry

A 1-2 hour survey that one of our vice presidents will personally walk you through to complete. Again, there is no extra cost to receiving this valuable report!

By phone – we just need an hour or two of your time