Announcing Two Powerful Webinars on the New Metric “One Contact Resolution”

On average, 41% of customers do not experience One Contact Resolution and
customer satisfaction is 40% lower when two or more channels are used.

SQM is pleased to announce two free live webinars based on our latest book on One Contact Resolution.

These webinars will introduce you to the fundamentals of One Contact Resolution as the most important measure for your customer’s multiple-channel experience.

We have scheduled them to give you some flexibility around vacation schedules across the summer!

July Webinars

How to Measure One Contact Resolution (Part 1) July 26th 2:00 EST
How to Improve One Contact Resolution (Part 2) July 27th 2:00 EST

August Webinars

How to Measure One Contact Resolution (Part 1) August 16th 2:00 EST
How to Improve One Contact Resolution (Part 2) August 17th 2:00 EST

The first webinar (Part 1) is designed to provide you with definitions, benchmark averages, and the measurement fundamentals.
The second webinar (Part 2) is focused on how to improve your customers’ experience by improving the vital metric of One Contact Resolution.

You are welcome to attend either or both series.

How to Measure One Contact Resolution – Webinar Part 1

July 26th or August 16th 2:00 EST

A high impact webinar that defines One Contact Resolution as a key metric in a multi-channel world and the best practices for measuring it.

Webinar topics include:

  • Definition of One Contact Resolution
  • Which contact channels should be measured?
  • Useful industry data on contact channel usage
  • Figuring out which survey method is most appropriate
  • The pros and cons of the most popular options
  • Some easy-to-try study options
Tuesday July 26th
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Tuesday August 16th
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How to Improve One Contact Resolution – Webinar Part 2

July 27th or August 17th 2:00 EST

Benchmark average numbers for One Contact Resolution are at 59% which means that 41% of customers do not experience OCR! This results in enormous customer dissatisfaction and risk of defection. This more detailed webinar is about using Voice of the Customer data to really drive impactful improvement.

Webinar topics include:

  • The 3 C’s of contact channel customer experience: Channel Choice, Contact Resolution and Continuity
  • Target setting and quantification of improvement opportunities
  • Collection and coding of verbatim to prioritize improvement
  • Building the strategy for measuring, managing and improving the customer experience across all organization contact channels
Wednesday July 27th
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Wednesday August 17th
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Webinar Speakers:

Andrea Pow, BComm, is Senior Vice President of Client Advocacy with SQM Group. She has her bachelor’s degree in General Business with a focus in Marketing and Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Her experience includes research and development of new certification and training programs, developing industry specific training for organizations and managing quality assurance control. Andrea brings over 10 years of customer relations, business and training development experience and her responsibilities include customer account management and business development.
Nader Ghattas, BMgmt, is a Consultant – Vice President with SQM Group. He has an honors degree in business management from UBC and brings nearly a decade of consulting, corporate asset direction and extensive international business experience to SQM. He started his career as a TSR at SQM, and moved on to vocations in investment banking, supply chain management and international business where he developed a passion for languages and a strong commitment to client service. Nader jumped at the opportunity to again be a part of the customer centric team at SQM Group, and is thrilled to take on responsibilities in customer account management and business development.