Becoming a World Class FCR Call Center Two-Day Workshop
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FCR Improvement (Public or In-house) Workshop

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FCR Workshop Locations and Dates

  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - October 28th & 29th
  • In-house call center session (dates to meet your needs)

Workshop Participant Satisfaction Rating:

Over 90% of FCR workshop past participants rate this course with a top box satisfaction rating response!!!

Two-Day FCR Workshop Description

The purpose of our Two-Day FCR Workshop is to help call center managers improve their first call resolution (FCR). Specifically, this workshop focuses on defining FCR, sharing FCR research, client FCR success stories and best practices for improving FCR performance.

SQM's two-day FCR Improvement Best Practices Workshop is conducted either at a public session or in-house at your call center with just your people.

SQM's benchmarking of over 450 leading North American call centers in 2012 reveals that their FCR performance has only shown modest increases. The average call center's FCR performance is 70%, which means that 30% of customers have to call a call center back because their issue was not resolved on their first call.

Over 70% of our tracking clients improve their FCR and operating cost year over year. For the average call center SQM benchmarks, a 1% improvement in their FCR performance equals $256,000 in annual operational savings. Only 5% of the call centers benchmarked by SQM are at the world class FCR performance level of 80% or higher.

If you are interested in improving your call center's FCR performance you need to attend SQM's two-day FCR workshop on how to improve FCR performance. This FCR workshop is based on Mike Desmarais (President and Founder of SQM) ground-breaking book, First Call Resolution, in which he shares best practices for improving your FCR performance. Each FCR workshop attendee receives a copy of the book, a value of $500.

At SQM's two-day FCR workshop, Mike Desmarais or senior SQM consultants will share first call resolution research, success stories and best practices for improving first call resolution performance.

SQM's Ground-Breaking Book on First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution Book

Why You Should Attend the FCR Workshop

Discover best practices and radical new thinking on:
  • Why FCR is the metric that should matter the most
  • How to define and calculate FCR for external measurement methods
  • Commonly used FCR measurement methods
  • How to determine FCR and call resolution performance goals
  • The expected FCR gains from making improvements
  • The top 13 barriers to improving FCR
  • FCR success stories from past call center of the year winners
  • FCR success stories from CSRs and supervisors
  • FCR research findings from benchmarking 450 leading call centers
  • The 5 best technologies for improving FCR
  • The 10 best call center operating practices for improving FCR
  • Call escalation best practices for improving FCR and retaining customers
  • How and why quality assurance needs to incorporate customer feedback
  • The best bonus and recognition programs for improving FCR
  • An effective repeat call reduction improvement process

Who Should Attend the FCR Workshop?

  • Call center vice presidents and directors who have frontline (CSR) responsibilities
  • Senior managers who have responsibilities for improving call center FCR performance
  • Senior managers who have call center quality assurance responsibilities

Workshop Participant Satisfaction Rating:
Over 90% of FCR workshop past participants rate this course with a top box satisfaction rating response!!!

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