csat research

From a customer perspective, this study benchmarks your email contact channel against leading North American organizations’ email contact channel FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP SCORE™ performance, identifies repeat email contact reasons, provides proven best practices on reducing repeat email contacts and awards organizations that have demonstrated FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP SCORE™ excellence
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SQM uses the Voice of the Customer (VoC) for helping organizations deliver sustained World Class First Contact Resolution (FCR) email performance. We work closely with our clients to improve their email FCR which is the fundamental driver of World Class Customer Satisfaction (Csat). We believe in the value of outstanding FCR performance and understand its impact on protecting customer revenue for the entire organization.

Of all metrics, FCR is the most highly correlated metric to Csat. In other words, high FCR results in high Csat and conversely, low FCR, results in low Csat. In addition, the FCR metric provides great insights into why a contact channel was not able to resolve the customer’s inquiry their first attempt. It is SQM’s experience that the FCR metric is by far the most important metric for determining what to work on for improving the customer’s experience in resolving their inquiry when using your organization’s email contact channel.

For our benchmarking studies, SQM uses VoC metrics such as FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP SCORE™ to truly understand how your email contact channel impacts the customer service experience, operating costs and the ability of the email contact channel to retain customers. It is SQM’s belief that the purpose of the email contact channel is to resolve customers’ inquiries on their first attempt, which reduces transaction handling cost and assists in retaining customers.

Why Participate in SQM’s Email FCR Benchmarking Study

Do you know…

  • what your FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP Score™ rates are from a customer perspective?
  • how your FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP Score™ performance compares to leading North American organizations’ email contact channels?
  • how your FCR and Csat performance is impacting your operating cost?
  • how your FCR and Csat performance impacts your organization’s ability to retain customers and the financial impact of not retaining those customers?
  • the reasons why your customers were not able to resolve their inquiry?
  • the targeted areas for improving your FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP Score™ rates?
  • the best practices for improving your FCR performance?

If you don’t have quality answers to these questions, let the experts at SQM Group assist you in benchmarking and improving your email first contact resolution and customer satisfaction performance.

csat research

Email FCR Benchmarking Study Methodology

Post-Email Contact Customer Survey
A random sample of 400 post-email contact surveys are conducted with customers who have had a transaction with your email contact channel within 1 business day of their transaction. Surveys are conducted by a phone method using SQM’s telephone survey representatives who work in our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Vernon, British Columbia research centers. The post-email contact survey is an in-depth interview, is 4-8 minutes in length and is based on up to 20 rating and open-ended questions. SQM’s email post-contact survey has a proven track record for accurately measuring your FCR, Csat performance and CP SCORE™ and providing actionable data for improving FCR.

Email FCR Benchmarking Report Deliverables

A 50 page FCR, Csat and Customer Protection – CP Score™ benchmarking report will be delivered to you and your management team via a conference call with a senior SQM consultant outlining your email first contact resolution and customer satisfaction performance.

  • High level and detailed email FCR and Csat research ratings
  • Email Customer Protection – CP SCORE™
  • Benchmarking comparison to leading North American organizations’ email contact channels
  • Amount of revenue the email contact channel protected and lost
  • Unresolved email contacts impact on operating cost
  • Top 5 repeat email contact reasons and their improvement opportunity for financial savings
  • Targeted opportunities for reducing repeat email contacts for resolving inquiries the first time
  • Best practices for improving your email’s first contact resolution performance
  • Entry into SQM’s Service Quality Excellence Awards Program

What’s Next

Contact SQM Group via email OR at (800) 446-2095 to schedule a time where an SQM representative can walk you through the details of our email benchmarking study.

Your Investment

The total investment for the Email First Contact Resolution Benchmarking Study is $13,000 plus applicable taxes. If on-site consultation is requested, the only additional charge would be to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the SQM consultant to deliver the results to you and your team on-site.

Additional customer surveys for 15-20 questions is $11 per survey. Surveys with more than 20 questions have an additional charge of $1 per question.